How to Pack

Proper packaging is critical to ensure the protection of your parcel. We suggest the following tips when preparing your packages for shipping.

  1. Use new rigid corrugated cartons.
  2. Check the Gross Weight Limit on the bottom of the box and do not exceed. Click here for more information on how to read the bottom of the box.
  3. Pack securely and ensure each item is wrapped separately with shipping foam, bubble wrap or other shipping material (2 inches between carton walls and goods inside).
  4. Protect sharp and pointed objects with added shipping material.
  5. Separate glass containers with corrugated dividers.
  6. Ship boxes separately - do not bind together.
  7. Secure the lids on liquid filled containers (seal liquid filled containers in plastic bags or packs to prevent spillage) and ensure safety caps on plastic bottles.

Shipping Support

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