U.S. & International

This southbound service is a reliable, convenient, cost effective delivery service anywhere in the continental U.S.

Days in Transit*

  Boston Chicago Dallas Denver Detroit Los Angeles
Vancouver 756564
Calgary 978786
Edmonton 1089879
Regina 778777
Saskatoon 778879
Winnipeg 667768
Toronto 334435
London 334435
Ottawa 335536
Montréal 335536
Moncton 557758
Halifax 557758
  New York Philadelphia St.Louis San Francisco Seattle Tampa
Vancouver 866327
Calgary 648549
Edmonton 7996510
Regina 777998
Saskatoon 797978
Winnipeg 686887
Toronto 333555
London 333555
Ottawa 334665
Montréal 334665
Moncton 556887
Halifax 556887

* Transit times outlined above are estimates only and based on major city centers. Customs clearance may require additional time. Transit days vary based on origin and destination points.

* All brokerage and duty fees are payable to the broker by the shipper or the consignee, and the shipper must specify on the Customs Pro-Forma whether they or their consignee will be paying brokerage.

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